Match Cards

Each week a pre-printed match card for each game is produced by SSFA. This match card can be found in the ground control room at each venue.

  • At Buckle, the ground control room is at the end of the clubhouse building by the BBQ.
  • At Casuarina, it is the doorway next to the canteen.

The match card must not be removed from the ground control area. The match card lists all the players in the team along with their FFA numbers. Before each game (both home and away) the Team Manager should locate the match card in the ground control room, check the details are correct, add their player’s shirt numbers (for ages U12 and older) and print their name, the coach’s name and the team’s nominated ground control representative at the bottom of the sheet. After the game the referee will record the score of the game on the match card.

It is then the job of the Team Manager to check what the referee has entered and to sign off to say that the score is indeed correct. 

It is important to make sure that the referee has got the score the right way around! Any dispute should be recorded on the back of the match card. Failure to sign off in this way results in a fine to the club so please ensure that this task is completed each week regardless of whether the game is home or away - win, draw or loss.